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Stuff toys stuff highway

Photo by Trevor Vannoy on Unsplash
Photo by Trevor Vannoy on Unsplash

By Kale Willy | The Rose Cityian/Rose City Live

A mysterious stuffed animal spill on Interstate 5 in Rose City left some drivers, and transportation officials, scratching their heads Wednesday morning.

About 300 of the stuffed toys — which included a Pooh Bear, a Minion and what appeared to be several My Little Ponies — were strewn across the interstate near the Burnside Bridge around 10:30 a.m., according to John Hamilton, a spokesperson for the State Department of Transportation.

Hamilton said most of the toys were off to the side and caused a minimal backup, though workers did close one lane to collect the cartoon creatures.

“It’s not often we get several hundred stuffed animals visiting our highways,” Hamilton said.

Where the fluffy critters came from was not immediately clear, though they would be taken to the North Rose City maintenance yard “for care and feeding,” Hamilton said.

Are you missing several hundred stuffed toys? The State Department of Transportation would like to speak with you.

Anyone missing approximately 300 colorful stuffed animals was encouraged to contact the department of transportation.

None of the stuffed animals were of the Teddy Ruxbin variety.