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No Skeletons in Carpool Lane

selective focus photography of skeleton
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By Claude Jon Van Damne | The Olympian

That’s one way to get ahead.

A Washington man dressed up a fake skeleton and placed it in the passenger seat of his car in order to drive in the carpool lane.

The Olympian reports on the bare bones of the matter, detailing how a state trooper pulled the car over on Valentine’s Day at around 2 p.m. (ET) on Interstate 405. He was presented with the sight of the driver behind the wheel and a fake (thank God, or this would be a different type of story) skeleton dressed in construction worker’s clothes “sitting” in the seat next to him.

The Olympian continues to report that the driver was so bent on keeping up the ruse, in fact, that he actually buckled his bony “passenger” in, too.

The trooper, Rick Johnson, later posted pictures of the skeleton to his Twitter account, reminding people that a nonhuman “#DoesNotCount for HOV.”

On top of that, “#GottaBeAlive.”

Comments one Twitter user, “I’ve felt like I’ve sat in traffic that long before. Are you sure the passenger wasn’t alive when the journey started?”

“Looks more alive than most of the drivers out there,” quips another.

The same Olympian article adds that the same rule applies to, ahem, real dead bodies, too: A hearse driver in Nevada figured the body he was transporting gave him leeway to drive in the carpool lane, too, but, alas, was mistaken.

The troopers who pulled the driver over simply reprimanded him, reminding people that everyone in the car has to be breathing to count.

The Washington driver was cited with traffic infraction. The skeleton received a grave warning but was let off the hook.