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Peacock stuck in Truck

Proud Peacock no longer struts his stuff after accident.

By Jack Ryan | The Rose Cityian/Rose City Live

It happened in a flash… of feathers.

A driver hit a peacock Sunday in rural Rose City County, causing the bird to become wedged in her truck’s grille guard, according to the local sheriff’s office. But the colorful creature was able to free itself and escape without apparent injury — shedding a number of feathers in the process.

The escape, captured on video, came after the driver approached a deputy and group of motorcyclists at Barton Mercantile and asked for help, according to the sheriff’s office.

The driver said she hit the peacock, which became stuck, according an agency spokesman.

The bird eventually fluttered and got itself unstuck.

It walked away from the store, which sits near State 224 and Southeast Bakers Ferry Road, apparently unscathed.

The deputy who encountered the imperiled animal heard a property nearby has peacocks.

He plans to follow up.