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Pie-Man Missing

Rose City Police Badge

Rose City police are seeking the public’s help in finding a man with some connection to the Beta Male arsons.

Self-Proclaimed Real Life Superhero, Pie-Man, was reported missing when he didn’t return home after a trip to Rose City, police said in a news release.

“Pie-Man is reported to be an avid comic book fan,” the news release says. “He may be suffering from a crisis and there is no information about foul play. He was last in contact with the leader of the Beta Males, Icarus. He (Icarus), would not discuss Pie-Man’s whereabouts.”

Pie-Man wears a shirt with depicting a large pizza, shin and elbow pads, and glasses.

Police ask that anyone who sees Pie-Man call 911 so that officers can check his welfare. People with non-emergency information are asked to contact Detective William Rail at 503-867-5309 or at RoseCityPoPo@rose-city.net.

— The Rose Cityian