Sidekick Arsonist Caught

Masked hero sidekick from Cherry City, Icarus.

Icarus yelled that he wanted to “stop Amazonian rule” after authorities arrested him in connection with 2 arson cases in Rose City. This former hero sidekick has turned to the dark side.

Icarus (whose real name is withheld), must serve 5 years at the State Hospital for the Insane.

Prosecutors had implored Rose City Superior Court to sentence Icarus to more than 30 years in prison based on his conviction for setting the fires, noting that he had shown no remorse.

“After he was taken to jail, he said, ‘Feminism is evil’ ” Deputy Dist. Attorney, James Falcon said. Besides the property damage, Falcon said, Icarus scarred many people’s lives for years to come. None of the blazes resulted in injuries.

Icarus sat in a wheelchair motionless, looking straight ahead, and showed no reaction as the judge handed down the sentence. Before sentencing, his attorney Steven Schrödinger told the judge that Icarus had turned down a deal offered by prosecutors for a 1-year prison term.

He began setting the fires after networking with individuals online calling themselves “The Bridge City Beta Males.” The fires were set during the night, putting residents on edge. Residents turned to social media to get updates on the fires, with some peering out windows into the dark, keeping porch and garage lights on, and fixating on sirens in the distance.

Police initially were stumped. Finally, a police officer spotted Icarus tied up in front of a local burlesque bar in the Hawthorne District. In a tent on the roof of the establishment was found fire starter sticks and explosives, police said. Icarus was arrested in the early morning hours. Police later retrieved videos of Icarus doing push-ups inside the burning buildings.