Chummies- New Team-Up App

Chummies Logo

The world of crime fighting can be an alarming place, with creeps, villains and downright weirdos potentially lurking.

That’s just one of the many problems Superheroes face on regular networking apps, but thankfully a superhero app exclusively for heroes who need a sidekick.

Chummies claim people from similar backgrounds are more likely to stick together, so have helpfully created an app where heroes can find sidekicks

The app claims to have two unique features – personal interest and attribute “sliders” – where superheroes can rank how important things are to them, such as criminal types (robbers, world conquerers, etc,).

And they can then specify, saying which crimes they’re most likely to stop.

The app even includes a virtual social calendar you can RSVP to, including events such as the Superheroes Anonymous and RLSH Proms.

Chummies says its “advanced matching algorithm” will do members “sidekick homework for them”.

But also you can compare preferences, which include things like the tragic backgrounds and parents status.
And if you match with a sidekick, you have the option to “start the team-up”.

Co-Founder of Chummies, iHero, said: “So many heroes looking for a sidekick say they want to team-up with someone who shares their interests and background.

“Among the many apps out there, there isn’t one for superheroes, so Chummies can fill that space.

“It’s about bringing heroes and sidekicks together who are compatible and have lots in common.”