Heroes/Villains Wrestling

ROSE CITY- For the first time ever, on Pay-Per-View, Real Life Superheroes will be facing Real Life Supervillains in a wrestling ring. The Supervillains of Rose City have challenged the local heroes to a Loser leaves town match to end their underground feud.

“We’re tired of those wannabe do-gooders,” said Shawn the Pizza Bandit. “They are worthless, don’t do much, and are extremely unintelligent.”

Another villain, The A-Salt-Er, had this to say- “I will crush all superheroes under my salty grip. All of them are basement dwellers who live at home with their parents. They are wienies.”

Local Vantucky heroine, Extremely Conservative Woman, responded to their challenge. “We’re not afraid of those villains. Each and every superhero will gladly put their superhero career on the line to protect Rose City from the evil forces that plague its streets.”

The showdown between hero and villain will take place at the Rose City Gardens. Tickets for this event range from $25 up to $75. The event is hosted by Vega Media Company and McBuggies.