Superhero Trials

By Sexton Hardcastle

ROSE CITY- Pepper Gold, world’s greatest superhero, will be holding trials for superheroes to join The superhero squad of superheroes movement. “ALL SUPERHEROES MUST BE APPROVED BY PEPPER GOLD,” yelled Pepper Gold. “ HOW ELSE IS THE PUBLIC GOING TO TRUST SUPERHEROES IF THEY DO NOT HAVE THE PEPPER GOLD STAMP OF APPROVAL?”

Pepper Gold is generously lending his approval to sanction superheroes to build trust in our nation’s defenders. Each potential member has to go through a rigorous Q and A session with Pepper Gold.

Afterwards, each member will be required to pay dues to maintain their membership status. The membership dues are used to pay for crime fighting equipment and body armor. Although current members have yet to see the money spent on the team, Pepper Gold assures them (and the media) that “ALL OF THE MONEY HAS BEEN INVESTED WISELY. THE BODY ARMOR AND NEW GEAR IS JUST TAKING A BIT BE CONSTRUCTED.”